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Create an Organization, Sync Plan, Product and Repository on Katello Using foreman hammer-cli

This write-up will detail the process of creating an organization, product, sync plan and repository on Katello Using foreman hammer-cli. After it that has been setup we will point our server to the new repository. The repository we will sync with is the publicly available RHEL 5 OralceASM repository. Step 1: Create an Organization The...

hammer organization create cheat sheet

This write-up details the process used to create an Organization on Katello the upstream version of Red Hat Satellite Server 6. Help: hammer organization create

Example: hammer product create

List All Configured Organizations

Example Output

hammer sync-plan create Cheat Sheet

This write-up details the process of using the hammer sync-plan create command to create sync plans. Help: hammer sync-plan create

Example Output

Example: hammer sync-plan create In this example I use hammer sync-plan create to create a sync plan called Daily.Sync.Plan that starts on 2016-10-01 and will run daily at 01:00:00. in my...