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Booting RHEL 7 and CentOS 7 into Rescue Mode

This write up will detail the proper way to boot your system into rescue mode on RHEL 7 and CentOS 7. Step 1 - At the Grub2 boot menu type e to edit the grub config. Note: Depending on you environment you may have to type p first and enter a grub password before having...

VERITAS NetBackup Restoring Files Via the Command Line

This write-up will walk you through the basic steps of restoring files from Symantec NetBackup using the command line utilities bpclimagelist, bplist and bprestore. Step 1 - List All Available Backup Images The bpclimagelist command below will list all available backup archives.

Example Output

Step 2 - List Files Available to Restore The...

How to Manually Seed a VERITAS Cluster

What is Manually Seeding If you have a VERITAS cluster where all of the nodes are down except one you will need to manually seed the cluster to have it start on an single node. Manually seeding the cluster allows you to bring the cluster online on an single node.

Create an Organization, Sync Plan, Product and Repository on Katello Using foreman hammer-cli

This write-up will detail the process of creating an organization, product, sync plan and repository on Katello Using foreman hammer-cli. After it that has been setup we will point our server to the new repository. The repository we will sync with is the publicly available RHEL 5 OralceASM repository. Step 1: Create an Organization The...

hammer organization create cheat sheet

This write-up details the process used to create an Organization on Katello the upstream version of Red Hat Satellite Server 6. Help: hammer organization create

Example: hammer product create

List All Configured Organizations

Example Output

hammer sync-plan create Cheat Sheet

This write-up details the process of using the hammer sync-plan create command to create sync plans. Help: hammer sync-plan create

Example Output

Example: hammer sync-plan create In this example I use hammer sync-plan create to create a sync plan called Daily.Sync.Plan that starts on 2016-10-01 and will run daily at 01:00:00. in my...

Create an GlusterFS Secure Pool

This write-up details the process of connecting your glusterfs nodes to an secure pool. Step 1: Enable and Start the GlusterFS Services

Example Output

Step 2: Start GlusterFS Service

Step 3: Check Gluster Peer Status Here we will verify the gluster services are started. Note at this point you should show 0...

Install GlusterFS Server on CentOS 7

The article details the steps to install GlusterFS Server on CentOS 7.x. Step 1: Install the GlusterFS Repo

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Step 2: Install the GlusterFS Server Packages

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Guru Labs GL236 Gluster Storage Administration on RHEL 7 Course Review

Course Title GL236 Gluster Storage Administration This is a new course so there is no official link to it on the Guru Labs site. My Recommend Prerequisites If you do not meet these requirements you may have trouble keeping up with the training content. Passed the RHCSA exam or 2 years of hands on RHEL...

Guru Labs Red Hat Training GL236 Gluster Storage Administration

This is my third round of Guru Labs training and I am really enjoying their instructors and course material. This course is for their Gluster Storage Administration class. I am really curious about glusterfs especially how it stacks up against the bohemyth ZFS. Also our class is the first class to take the glusterfs training....