About Me

I'm a Red Hat Linux admin with over 10+ years of experience. I started my IT career as an Help Desk Ticket Pusher where all I did was track people down for status updates on tickets. While doing this I took several Unix/Linux courses at Anne Arrundel Community College (AACC). The first was an Introduction to Unix class and the Second was an Unix Shell Scripting class. I then worked my way up to Senior Level Linux/Unix Administrator. I used the skills in those classes to develop and Shell Based GUI script that allowed my teammates with little Unix experience to begin troubleshooting issues when tickets would arrive. Doing that showed my manager at the time that I had the ability and initiative to go further. He then offered me a potion as an Junior Level Unix Admin. And I took it from there and the rest is history.

About this Site

This site is a place for admins to come when they already know what they need to do but may need a refresher on how to do it.

Am I Really a Guru

I am very modest and would never call myself a guru but I liked the TLD and decided to go for it. But don't get me wrong I am very good at what I do.


I have 10+ years or Linux and Unix experience. And when I say experience I mean real hands experience. I have been through failed disks, busted scripts that zipped all files on an root filesystem and so on. I also hold several certifications. A+, Network+ MCP Windows 2000, RHCSA RHEL 6.x a & GIAC GCUX.