This write-up will walk you through the basic steps of restoring files from Symantec NetBackup using the command line utilities bpclimagelist, bplist and bprestore.

Step 1 - List All Available Backup Images

The bpclimagelist command below will list all available backup archives.

Example Output

Step 2 - List Files Available to Restore

The bplist command below will use the full backup from 04/24/2017 to 04/24/2017 and lists all files and directories found under /opt/webdata/scripts/ that are available to restore.

Example Output

Step 3 - Restoring Files

There will be no output once this command is run. To view the progress of the restore you can tail the log file specified with the -L command tail -f /tmp/restore.log.

Example Log File Output

Once completed all files should be restored under /opt/webdata/scripts/.