This write-up details the process of connecting your glusterfs nodes to an secure pool.

Step 1: Enable and Start the GlusterFS Services

Example Output

Step 2: Start GlusterFS Service

Step 3: Check Gluster Peer Status

Here we will verify the gluster services are started. Note at this point you should show 0 peers.

Example Output

Step 4: Add GlusterFS Nodes to Secure Pool

Next we will use gluster peer probe to add nodes to our pool. In this example I am performing all the action on glusterfs-01 and connecting nodes gluster02-gfs and gluster03-gfs to the secure pool.

Example Output

Add third node to secure pool.

Example Output

Continue adding all peers using gluster peer probe command

Step 5: Verify All GlusterFS Peers are Connected

The gluster peer status command displays the status of the gluster nodes.

The gluster peer status command below shows the state of the GlusterFS nodes in a table.